Chagstock 2015

It had been a busy week for me and my energy levels were low.  Well, that was until I arrived at Chagstock last Friday evening!  As soon as I picked up my photo pass and got through the gate I could tell it was going to be great weekend full of festival fun.

I spent a lot of time wondering around the site and there was a really positive vibe about the place.   From the young to the old, everyone was just on a mission to have a good time.  Hopefully you can see this from this selection of some of my favourite people and crowd shots:


As with my last festival post I'm going to keep this post light on words and let the pictures do the talking when it comes to the music.  However, expect a full review from my friends over at MusicMuso really soon, so keep an eye out for it.  In the mean time, here are some images of the bands and artists that made it such a great festival:


Chagstock was amazing.  No doubt.  It was hard work (believe it or not), but very satisfying.  A great mix of amazing musicians and festival folk really made it a pleasure to shoot.  I've still got lots more photos to process so keep an eye on my Twitter feed and I'll let you know when I've posted them.

I'm away to catch up on some sleep but see you next time on the Unplugged Blog!