Molotov Jukebox with Eugene the Cat at Exeter Cavern - 21/04/2016

The Exeter Cavern is one of my favourite venues for seeing bands and DJs.  I have had many a hedonistic night there!  So when I was asked by my good friend Steve over at MusicMuso to help him cover Molotov Jukebox, there was no way I was to going to say no.  

The Exeter Cavern is a great venue, but for the photographer it is a real challenge.  Virtually all the lighting is some shade of red so it was black and white images to the rescue.  You got to work with what you've got!  

Eugene the Cat

Supporting Molotov Jukebox were the rather excellent Eugene the Cat.  MusicMuso managed to catch up with them after their set so expect to hear more about them over there really soon.

In the mean time here they are in action:

Molotov Jukebox

I've shot Molotov Jukebox twice before so I knew they would put on a great show.  They of course did not disappoint and I got myself into the crowd and took these images:

For live music fans, especially for those of a gypstep persuasion, it was a fantastic night!  Sure the venue lighting is a challenge for the photographer, but you just get in there and try to capture the spirit of the night.  Hopefully these images just do that!

And finally...

It's coming up to that time of year where festivals start to dominate my schedule.  It can be tiring, but very rewarding..... I can't wait!

See you next time on The Unplugged Blog!